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this is becoming a pattern... [11 Oct 2005|07:56am]
[ mood | gleeful ]

Hahahaha! Yankees lose! They go out with a whimper vs the Angels, losing 5-3. You know, they really should have won this game. Especially after Bartolo Colon was taken out early because of back issues. They should have jumped all over Ervin Santana, but they did not.

...and you know Bubba Crosby is going to get thrown under the bus for that error where he and Sheffield collide...even though it was clearly Sheff's fault. Which is sad, really, because he is the only Yankee I actually like.

Should be a pretty entertaining ALCS...both the White Sox and Angels have similar styles of play. I saw White Sox in six, mainly because of the pitching situation. But the Angels will probably make them work for every victory.

IT'S GOOOD!!!!!! IT'S GOOOD!!!!!! [09 Oct 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Brady feasts on Falcons, 31-28

Dear Tom Brady/Adam Vinatieri,

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Sincerely, Alexa

if the Sox aren't going to advance... [08 Oct 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

...I certainly don't want the Yankees to.

Angels put Yankees on edge

That was just what I needed to see after the Sox getting swept. Randy Johnson getting knocked out in the 4th inning and booed as he was getting taken out. Angels win 11-7. That game was a see-saw for sure...Angels jumped out to a 5-0 lead, only to have the Yankees come back. But then the Angels come back and stay ahead. It was fun seeing another team's bullpen malfucntion(especially the Yankees) for once...plus, there was an error (defensive brain fart) by A-Rod that cost them a couple of runs, too, i think.

Game 4 was rained out today...damnit. Yankee elimination postponed for a day. Goddamnit, if the Sox don't advance, I definitely don't want the MFY to. Go Angels! They will always have a special little place in my heart for knocking the Yankees out in the first round in '02:)

Well, that hurt..a lot. [07 Oct 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

The Sox lose 5-3 and not only are eliminated, but swept by the White Sox, who advance to the ALCS. Fucking hell...I don't even know what to say. Most of which probably can't be said on TV.

As much as I hated to think about it, I had a feeling they were done after the last game. Unfortunately, the pitching was just not good enough to keep up with the White Sox. Schilling still wasn't himself and no one else in the rotation stood up. This is where letting Pedro and D-Lowe (even though he stunk this year w/ the Dodgers...) really killed 'em. Letting Dave Roberts go was probably a mistake too, 'cause the team was considerably slower on the basepaths when it could have made a difference.

I think the White Sox are for real...their pitching is really tough. If you can pretty much shut down one of the league's most prolific hitting teams, then you're damn good. I think they will make it to the World Series...not saying they'll win it, but they'll get there.

The Yankees losing to the Angels would go a long way to making me feel better. They better win the series because hell would freeze the fuck over before I EVER cheer for the Yankees.

But, look at the bright side...it wasn't the Yankees that swept us! And that big shiny ring that says 'World Champions'? The Red Sox have them.

...and that, my friends, is still a reason to smile:)

a see-saw kinda weekend... [03 Oct 2005|02:54pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

It really kind of was like that this weekend, at least sports-wise, for me. First, the Sox beat the Yankees on Friday night. That's good.

...then the Yankees clinch the division on Saturday at Fenway due to some BS tie-breaker rule that gives the division to whoever had the edge in the season series. That's bad.

While the Red Sox are on the way to a 10-1 clobbering of the Yankees, the Indians lose, thus enabling the Sox to clinch the AL Wild Card for the third straight year (I believe it is 6-0 Sox at that point). That's good. Really, really good.

....then the Pats get their asses handed to them by the Chargers, 41-17. As much as I really hate to admit it, they have a huge problem with Harrison being hurt. That's bad.

But, it's all good in the end because the Sox are in the post-season and that trumps all else. Pictures of champagne and beer soaked Red Sox make me smile. Pictures of Jonathan Papelbon in a sleeveless shirt and being squirted with champagne make me drool ^_~

why won't they DIE?!! [28 Sep 2005|08:36am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Sorry about the serious lack of updates...since school started, I've been wicked busy lately. College kinda does that to you >_< Most times when I get home, I'm just so tired from traveling and whatnot, that all I want to do is just collapse. That is why Starbucks has become my friend lately...I'm just not a 'morning person' and the coffee helps. Too bad it's kinda expensive.

So the Sox and Yankees are now tied for the AL East division lead...I can't say i'm suprised the Yankees decided to actually show up, i just wish they wouldn't have. Damnit, I thought the Sox had the chance to win two games last night...doubleheader vs the Blue Jays due to Monday's game being rained out. The Sox won the first game 3-1 on a great pitching perfomance by Timmy Wakefield. And seeing as the Yankees fell apart in spectacular as the Orioles teed up on them for a 17-9 mauling, I figured that they had a chance to actually gain. But, in the second game, Schill clearly did not have his best stuff, and they ended up losing 7-5.

So now, they're tied with the Yankees for the division lead...and with the Indians, who lost last night, for the AL Wild Card. And it all comes down to a final series vs who else? The Yankees. That's not going to be good for my little heart...

When something goes wrong, blame A-Rod! [30 Aug 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Yankees bring Bellhorn aboard

Fucking Yankees...

Fucking A-Rod and his fucking groin injury...this is his fucking fault.

Seriously, this just breaks my heart a little...I *heart* Bellhorn and his scruffy, borderline pothead self:) Seeing him in a Yankee uni just sucks. And of course, as does every player who becomes a Yankee...he looks like he got his soul sucked right out of him. It's not right, him without scruff *shudders*

You know what would have been way worse? If Dave Roberts had gone to the Yankees, instead of the Padres. Why? Well, if Roberts hadn't stolen that base in Game 4, the Rally To End All Rallies aka. the greatest comeback in baseball history aka. the biggest choke job in all of sports(for the Yankees...) never would have happened. So seeing Dave Roberts in a Yankees jersey would have been way more traumatizing...

It doesn't mean it doesn't suck, though...He will always have a teeny piece of my heart, as do all former Sox (even if they're taken by the Dark Side. Except for Embree, they can have him...and I'll laugh as he blows game after game for them)

[28 Aug 2005|05:38pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Well, a Sox starter finally gets past the 7th inning today...David Wells pitches fairly well, to give the Sox a 11-3 victory over the Tigers. I think they needed this, because the bullpen has been stretched so thin lately. After some back and forth action in the early innings, the Sox put it out of reach with a four-run 6th inning.

I've been flipping between the Sox game and the Weather Channel all afternoon...Hurricane Katrina, it's wicked scary. It's supposed to make a near direct hit on New Orleans early tomorrow. The news says that the storm surge is going to get as high as like 25 feet...and considering that New Orleans is below sea level. Saying it's not going to be good is probably the understatement of the century. Now, I've lived through some pretty bad blizzards..but obviously nothing like this.

It's not even the winds that scare me, it's the rain and the water and the surge...see, stuff like waves and storm surge and tsunamis really scare the hell out of me. You can escape wind and rain, but you can't escape the surge. I have never been so glad that I live where I do where all we have to worry about are blizzards...all hell is going to break loose down there.

Rain Delay Theatre [24 Aug 2005|11:11pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, I was sitting here online, while watching the Red Sox game, but now it's delayed in the top of the 8th, with the score tied, 3-3. Not actually too happy about that, this game should be close to over already. These are the freakin' Royals!

*sigh* I'm really bored right now...stupid fucking rain isn't helping matters!

Well, that was disturbingly familiar... [20 Aug 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

This game was frustrating beyond belief. Bronson pitched 6 great innings, but the offense was clinically dead until Edgar Renteria drove in two with a single. As a result, Sox lose 4-2.

Ugh, this is like last year, when Bronson would pitch well, but because the run support dries up, he's still tagged with the loss.

Hey, here's something...Lenny's back! Unfortunately, he gave up two runs...but I am glad to see his scrawny Italian ass back in a Sox uniform:)

Sadness, though...they cut Mark Bellhorn *cries* I am going to miss that guy.

now that's a good ol-fashioned asswhuppin'.... [11 Aug 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Boy, that game was fun last night...that eighth inning seemed to go on FOREVER. The Sox put up NINE freaking runs. Man, oh man...I may have bitched about our starting pitching/bullpen earlier, but when compared to a team that has none (the Rangers...), I'm pretty damn greatful. I mean, after the score got into double digits, I began to feel a little sorry for them...just a 'lil.

Final score: 16-5, Sox win. No, that's not Pats vs Cowboys...and it's not in Colorado. That's a prime example of what happens when an offense like the Sox meets crappy pitching like the Rangers have. For once, Bronson pitched a solid game and they more than backed them up. Fucking beautiful...

You know what else is fucking beautiful? This: With last night's three-game sweep of the Rangers, the Sox extend their AL East win to 5 1/2 games over those evil Yankees. Special thanks on that go out to the Chicago White Sox. Tonight, the Evil Yankees throw some no-name bullpen guy to fill in for Randy Johnson who's out with a back thing...I think you can see where this is going. I can smell a Yankee blowout and maybe a 6 game AL East lead for the Sox coming tonight...

And now for something squee-worthy: BRONSON'S WHITE BOY CORNROWS ARE BACK!!!! *fangirly squeals*

the phone company sucks... [07 Aug 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Ugh, this really blows...the line connected to my home computer isn't working. That's why I haven't updated in so long. The only way I have internet access for now is through the computers at the public library...and I only have an hour on it.

On a much lighter note, Red Sox hammer the Twins 11-7. Manny knocked in a couple of runs, and Wake pitched pretty well. More impressively, Curt Schilling got out of a bases-loaded jam in the bottom of the ninth to save the win. Still think he should be in the rotation, not the bullpen. He probably will be, when Foulke comes back off of the DL.

You know, I am just amazed at how well the A's are playing right now...and when you think about how they were given up for dead a month into the season, it's even more incredible. Wow, this current run must make Billy Beane look like the smartest person in baseball. Maybe trading Hudson and Mulder wasn't such a dumb move after all. If the Red Sox don't repeat as champions, then I would like to see the A's win the World Series...that would make an amazing story, no?

what the f**k happened to our bullpen? [29 Jun 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I hate our bullpen...really, I do.

We should have FUCKING WON that game last night...we had an 8-5 lead going into the 8th!! With the exception of Timlin, the rest of the guys have completely SUCKED! Hey yeah, that's nice...just piss away the game like that, I really appreciate it...*sarcasm*

The one consolation I can take from this is that the Yankees also coughed up a big lead vs the Orioles...i think they had a 4-1 lead at one point, and it went into extra innings. Ha ha ha, guess that talk with The Boss today didn't do a whole lot of good....wonder who's gonna be the sacraficial lamb there? Talk about heads rolling...

well, that's a whole lot better... [16 Jun 2005|11:46am]
[ mood | hungry ]

It looks like the Sox are able to sweep the Reds...nothing really to celebrate because the Reds are terrible but it's fun to see the Red Sox about to sweep a team when the Yankees are just getting back to .500 *laughs* Hey, when there's an opening to take a stab at the Yankees. you had better believe I'm going to take it...

Back to the game...Bronson pitched a fine game, giving up just one run in seven innings. And even better, the offense actually backed him up! I think Manny is beginning to get hot...finally!

Oh, and I'm still pissed off at A-Rod for ruining the Linkin Park and Jay Z remix of "Numb". I used to really like that song...until I realized that it was A-Rod's at-bat music.

Thanks a lot, asshole!

hey, i think he's remembered how to pitch! [14 Jun 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | awake ]

That was a nice thing to see...for once Wake didn't get lit up. The Sox beat the Cubs 8-1, on a fine offensive performance. At one point in the game, both Johnny and Youk were one hit away from hitting for the cycle. Wicked...that would have been awesome if they'd both managed to do it. I wonder if any two teammates have done that *thoughtful* Youk needed a triple to complete it, and Johnny needed only a single, so I figured that it would be him to actually do it. I mean, I love Youk to pieces, but he doesn't run all that well, and short of a fantastic defensive blunder by someone in the Cubs' outfield, there wasn't a chance in hell he was getting a triple.

But then, one of the relief pitchers for the Cubs, who I very vaguely remember being with the Indians last season, came on and proceeded to wall Johnny on four pitches! Wasn't intentional, but it sure felt like it. Anyways, Johnny didn't hit for the cycle either. Disappointing, yes..but i sure am glad the Sox ended up winning.

i hate the world today... [07 Jun 2005|02:17pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Okay, I've been pretty cranky and angry at the world lately...probably because it's almost *that* time of the month. But the way the Sox have been playing certainly hasn't helped any...it's almost like they forgot to score runs consistently again >_< It actually started when Bronson has that great start against the Angels but got saddled with the loss. It kinda reminded me of last year when Bronson would pitch well, but would get a no-decision or a loss due to lack of run support, except that this time, it was the bullpen imploding in spectacular but not unexpected fashion. (He left the game with a 5-1 lead) Oh goody! *sarcasm*

Last night's game was a debacle to be sure...it was a 9-2 shellacking by the Cardinals. There's just no excuse for that. None. I think I hate the Cardinals now. But the loss was a result of crappy pitching and zero offense, so let's leave it at that.

On a much more positive note...I taped the episode of Queer Eye that the Red Sox were on. That kinda dulled the pain from the loss, for sure. That image of on his back shirtless getting waxed is probably permanently burned onto my brain. And it was frickin' hilarious when Wake and Kevin were complaining while they were getting waxed. That was a prime example of how men are babies...though getting your eyebrows waxed really DOES hurt. I got mine done before the Junior Prom last year, and it KILLED. Anyway...I think Carson should be the only person allowed to wear pink Red Sox stuff. Whenever I see girls wearing that stuff, it screams SLUT!!!!! But it was frickin' hilarious on him:) And whenever Johnny Damon's wife is mentioned, I think my claws magically unsheath themselves. I think it's because she reminds me of this rich bitch cousin of mine who lives in Greenwich and who I don't get along with at all.

But, now that I have it taped, I can rewind back to the part where is getting his back waxed anytime I want *grins*

Now THAT'S more like it! [28 May 2005|07:25pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

You know, I knew I smelled something burning this afternoon...seeing as it's Memorial Day weekend, the unoffical start to the summer, I thought it was smoke from people's barbecues.

It wasnt't...it SO wasn't.

It was BETTER.

It was the smell of the MFY getting smoked by the Sox, 17-1. 17-1!! They ripped 27 hits off of the Yankees. In there somewhere was a grand slam by Edgar Renteria. Maybe now, people will get off his frickin' back. Matty Clement pitched a wicked awesome game, and if I do say so myself, looked good doing it *smirks* I <3 when players wear the tall socks. Anyway, back to the game...i think this afternoon was the worst loss the Red Sox have ever handed down to the Yankees, in either parks, in either teams' histories. That's flippin' sweet...

Now I hope the Sox can build on today's royal butt-kicking of the Yankees and start playing better ball!

way to mail it in, guys...*sarcasm* [26 May 2005|12:36pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Well that was a nightmare...Sox lost 6-1 to the Blue Jays. I fully expected Bronson to be rusty after coming off his suspension, but what I didn't expect was the offense to just suddenly die. They only managed to get ONE stinkin' run off of Ted Lilly...this is TED LILLY we're talking about here. Not Johan Santana. Or even Roy Halladay. Not good guys, not good *shakes head*

Reed Johnson really needs to go to hell...seriously. He should take Alan Embree with him, too. Fucking hell, that was just a terrible game all around >:0

Remember back when Mark Mulder got traded to the Cards, just a week or so after Tim Hudson was traded to the Braves, and I said it would come back to bite the A's in the ass? Well, I think it has. It's truly sad when the frickin' DEVIL RAYS can score 13 runs off you. If I were an A's fan, I would want to kill myself (or Billy Beane) after that one.

i'm sorry this is late, but...PROM NIGHT!! [23 May 2005|10:47am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Prom night was amazing! My mom had everyone come over to see me and Frank off, so we were detained quite awhile, when the limo came. Then my parents had everyone get up and line up along the limo so they could get pictures. After that, we could finally go! The limo ride to the prom was pretty fun...a lot of grumbling from the girls(minus me) because me and the guys insisted on watching the Red Sox game on the tv in the limo. When we got to the place where the prom was held, me and one of my girl friends stuck our heads out of the limo and made fun of girls' dresses as we drove by. Fun stuff!

When we got there, me and Frank jumped in line for pictures because it was already wicked long when we got there. It was really fun seeing all the people I go to school with all dressed up and stuff. This one guy had a black pinstripe suit on and a black fedora with a white band...very Godfather-ish. This girl in my class had this awesome black dress that laced up the front like a corset and was very medieval like...she actually looked a lot like Liv Tyler in LOTR. I had one of those disposeable cameras, and I was taking pictures of everyone who would let me...the guys, me and the girls, random people on the dance floor. The yearbook poeple were going around, so I think i'm in a bunch of shots...hope they make it! So yeah, lots of dancing and fun.

Somewhere along the lines, I left my shoes under the table and went stockingfeeted the rest of the night...my feet were KILLING ME! Frank was laughing at me because he caught me trying to sneak desserts from the dessert tray home in my purse..*blushes* I can't believe he caught me. A girl from my history class was named Prom Queen, so that was pretty cool. I'm not friends with her, but she's pretty nice.

After the prom was over, we all got dropped off at Kate's house...the 'after-party' was mainly one giant drunken sleepover. It's so not what your thinking....there wasn't any sex, at least on my part. Some picutres that I kind of don;t want my parents to see were taken, but it's all good. Luckily, Kate's parents were away for the weekend or we'd be in big, big trouble.

So yeah, prom night was wicked fun...and a little sad, too. Sad because in a couple of weeks, we're graduating. I probably will lose contact with some of the very friends I spent prom night with, hopefully not all, but it's a fact of life.

it's here, it's here...FINALLY! (well, almost...) [12 May 2005|10:28am]
[ mood | excited ]

Ahh, sorry I haven't updated all week...I've been so busy this weekend. The prom is this Saturday...for real this time. My dad still thinks it's funny that I thought my prom was a few weeks ago, and i was already half-way done getting ready when I realized it wasn't for a couple of weeks. That was humiliating, not funny -_-

But, the real thing is this Saturday...I don't think anyone in our class us really concentrating on schoolwork this week...we're all waiting for tomorrow because we always get out early the day before prom. Ooh, I'm so excited...we all put in money to rent a stretch Hummer limo for the night. All of my family is coming over to see me off...I know that me and Frank are gonna have to pose for a shitload of pictures before we can leave.

I still have to watch the season finale of Veronica Mars, which I've taped...I watched the Red Sox game instead. Yay for walk-off HR's! Ugh, it looks like the Yankees are finding their stroke...damnit >_< I was hoping they were truly down for the count this time...no matter, we'll still beat them *crosses fingers*

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